Emilia BRAGA PREGNON Captain Interstellar Eco Station

- She is an independent sommelier and organizes themed evenings and dinners, and has organized events since 2013.

- She is a member of the PLASTIC FREE non-profit association, she joins on several occasions during the plastic collection, cigarettes collections and more.

- She gladly supports other ecological associations with events such as STEI CLUB.

- She is fond of the Star Trek saga. Emilia is part of the crew of the QPLAZ in Ferrara as the on-board Sommelier.

- Married to Jean Pierre PREGNON since 2011, Emilia founded St.e.i. Club thanks to his full support.

Jean Pierre PREGON Engineer, Responsible for the Engine room and its Operations.

- Former employee of SDEL CONTROLE COMMANDE in France.

- Passionate about Sci-fi and Super heroes.

- PLASTICFREE plastic collection member.

- Married with commander Emilia BRAGA by astral date 2011.

- Married to Emilia in 2011, he supports her in various initiatives including the creation of the Club.

Antonio MERCURIO Scientific Officer Extraterrestrial Resources Section

- Antonio works as a developer of apps and websites, and is an expert in computer science and operating systems,

- He collaborates with the ORA NOI association, which assists family caregivers, providing training on various processes such as SPID, procedures in the various portals of public administration.

- He writes fan fiction and short stories, loves opera, and "wastes time" by learning about the evolution of various branches of science.

- He organizes Conventions without continuity in Sardinia where it lives and together with various associations every year organize the cleaning of the beaches.

- For more information on Antonio’s activities, please write to:

Silvia BERNARDINI on-board Counsellor and Advisor

- She’s an Innovative consultant who founded the company SKY WALKER in 2017.

- She’s launched among the stars but with her feet firmly planted on the ground: Silvia will develop your project in a feasible and sustainable way.

- Silvia is a determined ecologist as all the rest of the crew.

- She’s an excellent speaker and prepares speeches for Officials to better welcome delegations from other planets.

- The Crew and the Captain are honored to have her aboard the Interstellar Eco Station

Gabriella Cordone Lisiero Stellar Cartography Chief Officer

- Graduated “would-be commanding officer of merchant ships” at the Nautical Technical Institute “Artiglio” in Viareggio

- Fan of Star Trek and co-founder of the “Star Trek Italian Club – Alberto Lisiero” named after his late husband, with whom she helped the Italian fandom of the franchise grow since 1987

- Comic writer for Bonelli Editore

- Dialogue translator for the dubbing of TV series as Doctor Who, Sherlock and more

- keeper and supervisor of the Punta Tagliamento Lighthouse in San Michele al Tagliamento, Bibione

- Nature lover since primary school, she was an ecologist, environmentalist, animal rights activist as part of the “New Frontiers Club”, which park she now manage in San Michele al Tagliamento :

Elisa Officer Responsible for on-board Telecommunications

- Artist, writer, actress, director and currently producer.

-She is very passionate about theatre and cinema where she puts her ideas and the

messages that she wants to convey to Earthlings and non-Earthlings.

-Good experience about the British land where she lived for years, graduating in

Theatre and Drama, becoming officially bilingual.

-Ecologist and animal rights activist, environmentalist, science fictionist, she owns all the positive -ists.

- Elisa has published two cookbooks and a novel.

- With her colleague Marta she works on audiovisual projects with human rights and non-human rights themes. Sneak Peak here.

-Thanks to her knowledge of English, currently with her head fully immersed in

studying Chinese language, she has got the role of Communications Officer on the

Interstellar Echo Station.

Marina Gennari Interstellar Eco Police Services Chief Inspector

Marina works as a shop assistant and although she does not have much free time, she tries to minimize the waste of discarded objects.

- With these objects she creates small works by recycling them (using tabs, CDs, plastic ...) which can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


- She creates costumes to participate in various events.

- Marina is part of the USS LIONESS crew as head of Security, therefore the role assigned to her on the Interstellar Echo Station suits her perfectly.

- She is a 100% ecologist. Marina owns an electric car which she recharges thanks to solar panels.

Lorenzo CORNO Engineer Chief Maintenance Interstellar Eco Station

- Lorenzo is a carpenter who creates furniture for shops

- He creates starship model made in wood

- Passionate ecologist, Lorenzo loves the nature, he likes to walk in the mountains, woods and when possible he delights in speleology.

- Lorenzo is Stargate Fan Club Italia member and when possible helps S.T.I.C at Gardacon with friends from USS lines.

- Thanks to its abilities, the Stazione Eco Interstellar finally has an Engineer who takes care of its facility while keeping the Crew safe.