This sad phenomenon of abandonment and mistreatment of Pets, is repeated every year, especially in two periods that coincide with the holidays but not only.

Many of these animals are abandoned and between dogs and cats, are about 600 per year and unfortunately this phenomenon is repeated.
The inability to take care of dogs and cats or to manage a trip together with our  4-legged friends is one of the most recurring reasons, which is a real emergency.
Anyway,  we do not intend to justify these abandonments and mistreatment due to holidays or lack of time to spend with our furry friends.

At the STEI CLUB, every month, we will introduce small to medium associations and volunteers who deal with this problem every day, and several times, all at their own expense.

Follow our interviews by downloading them below and if you want, please, help us to give voice to this problem and to support the people who shelter and save our four-legged friends.