1 Is not permitted to use ST.E.I. CLUB for personal benefit without authorization from the Board.


2 Any disrespectful behavior towards other members of the group is forbidden.


3. Any demonstration of homophobia, sexism, racism or intolerance shall be prohibited 

Religious towards the members of the CLUB.


4. During events and meetings Comments with vulgar language (blasphemies, 

insults - even veiled) will not be tolerated and the member will be banned by the CLUB.


5. If it is considered that a comment and behaviour is inappropriate, it may 

Report it to the administrators.


6. In the Club common sense and civility is required therefore the members of the Board 

Have the right to moderate to the best the regulations with the scope to give to the Crew 

A fully enjoyable environment.


NB: Any circumstance not specifically regulated, will be addressed via 

Extraordinary by the crew and the Board.


The Captain