"The Interstellar Eco Station” project was born with the aim of challenging the fears dictated by the natural revolution of our planet and our times, in the constant search for solutions with a universal perspective for a better future.

It’s not only about the "here and now" but also an opportunity to travel through time and space to search, experiment, share opportunities and solutions with all those who are engaged in ecological activities, for all those who love animals.


We are the voice of those women who are disadvantaged in comparison to men.

We add a touch of originality by attending events, imagining ourselves already conquering a new, healthy and clean space while respecting others.


We want to create events to optimize daily habits and support innovative and sustainable models to pass on to people over time and space.

Would you like to come on board with us?


We would be honoured, but there is a lot to do on Earth too: play with us, clean the planet, support animal shelters, give a voice to women... grow in an eco-sustainable context of equality and equal opportunities, and above all, support our projects and you will be one of us.

NB: It's easy to talk about problems: the difficult thing is to solve them, it’s how good everybody is with easy things!"